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Welcome to Random Wow Key, your first stop for free Wow game time!
Me and my team of developers have found a way to legitimately pay for World of Warcaft game time (90-day)by completing surveys.
Finding this method took 7 months of hard work, so we are now pleased and ready to release this service to the public! You can now play World of warcraft for free, after you’ve bought the actually game that is.
If you want to know more about how this is possible please look at the About page. If you don’t care about how we did it and just want your free Wow game time NOW, click on me

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Me and my team of developers are all gamers. We mostly play Wow and we’re in a guild that is one of the top progression guilds on our realm.

As independent developers who barley make enough money to pay for rent, we know the pain of having to pay for Wow every month. So because not every one can afford to pay for Wow we decided to develop a script that would generate wow game time cd-keys for free! Now me and my whole development team play Wow for free and we want you to be able to play wow for free as well!

How our script works we will not release in public, we don’t want Blizzard to patch this free wow game time generator anytime soon. But if you’d like a in-depth view of how the script works please go to the contact page and fill in the form or email us at:

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Every download is systematically updated whenever a download occurs.
Please only download one key at a time! Thank you for your patience and support.

Enjoy your free wow game time! :]

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